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Overall Rating: 96.92%
Average Rating: 9.69/10
Dr. Bowden is a real pro. Stage shoes for performers need a bit of extra TLC with inserts and orthotics. He knows how the make it fit and comfortable too. What would I do without him? I've tried other services. None have his attention to detail. This is the doctor and this is the website.
I am still amazed at the utmost professional service that Dr. Bowden delivers. I was not totally educated on orthotics and went by what my podiatrist in town told me for years. My orthotics complete with office visits come to about $750.00 each, not covered by insurance and I needed a second pair after the first pair wore out. I contacted Dr. Bowden and in my mailbox is a pair of orthotics EXACTLY like my podiatrists sold me. And when I say exactly, I want to qualify that, I mean exactly, complete with my name inscribed on the bottom of each orthotic with a letter differentiating between right and left foot orthotic. I am already wearing my orthotics all day and even starting running a bit again, which these orthotics from Dr. Bowden make more enjoyable, comfortable and less likely to produce a sports injury. The reason why is because he is a real podiatrist. Thank you Dr. Bowden. I fully intend to order a second pair. I am still breaking in the first pair.
Lawrence, Self
My experience was great. My last orthotics cost me $500 and my gait is noticeably worse without them. Dr. Bowden's services saved me a lot of money. He is wonderful on the phone with answering any questions, very helpful and pleasant. I will definitely order again!
Poppy in Chicago
I discovered this site and Dr Boden about 8 or 10 months ago. I had gone to the Good Feed Store in my area and was totally dissatisfied with my experience with them. Called Dr Bowden and he was so personal and professional and took all the time necessary to answer my questions fully. After doing the impressions and getting my first set of orthotics, I was completely sold. I immediately ordered two more sets for other pairs of shoes. I've been totally satisfied and my feet are feeling so much better. A month or so ago I called to see if I could get two more sets. I figured I'd have to do impressions again since it had been so long. Surprised to hear from Dr Bowden that he still had my originals. I now have 5 pairs of shoes and boots, all with custom orthotics from Dr Bowden. I highly recommend them.
Paul Bailey
I got two pair of 'neutral shell with heel post' for my plantar fasciitis almost five years ago. The heel post helped keep them from moving around in my shoes, and if you ever walk on uneven surfaces, you'll like that. Having two pair was convenient; I just kept them in the shoes I wore the most.

My plantar fasciitis was quickly cured, 100%; the orthotics were very comfortable, and after five years, they're as good as new. I still wear them every day.

The price is great, and Dr. Bowden gave me good advice when I called him, and was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I give the highest recommendation.
Jon Banks

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