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Quadlayer Quadlayer

The Quad Layer Orthotic is fabricated using 4 different layers of material.  The top two are soft and for cushioning, the bottom two layers are for support.  It is a softer orthotic and much more flexible,  It runs from the heel to the end of the toes.  It was designed for Diabetic patients, but many people like  it who don't require as much control as a more rigid orthotic,.

Our Price: $99.95
Neutral Shell Neutral Shell

The neutral shell is the basic Orthotic device that all are rigid devices come from.  It runs from the heel to just behind the ball of the foot, It is fabricated from High Density Poly Ethylene.  It is covered with a layer of synthetic leather, It is the most common used Orthotic,

Our Price: $99.95
Neutral Shell with Heel Post Neutral Shell with Heel Post

The Neutral Shell with a Heel Post is the basic Neutral Shell, with the addition of a Heel Post. A Heel Post is additional material that is applied on the bottom of the Orthotic and then ground flat. It makes the Orthotic more stable in the shoe and limits rocking side to side. We use this Orthotic in active people and those who participate in sports.

Our Price: $109.95
Full Length Full Length

The full length orthotic runs from the heel to the end of the toes,  The top cover material is 1/8 inch of a dense EVA foam. It is then  covered with leather.  It is often used when people want to remove the liners from their shoes.  It is also used when a Metatarsal support is required.because is allows this support it be positioned correctly. If used with the existing shoe liners in can cause a tight fit.;

Our Price: $124.95
Full Length With Heel Post Full Length With Heel Post

The full length orthotic with a heel post is the same as the full length except for the addition of a heel post. A heel post helps the orthotic be more stable in the shoe.  It is used for people who are very active who are involved in sports.

Our Price: $135.95