Orthotics for Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma  is a condition where there is pain in the ball of the foot, which sometimes radiates up into the toes.  It is most commonly found in the area just behind the third and fourth toes.  This is caused by the nerve being pinched between the Metatarsal Heads in this area.  In response to this irritation of the nerve there will be a buildup of the Schwan layer of the nerve.  This is the outside cells that protect the nerve.  As this happens the nerve will be pinched even more, and the problem gets worse. This problem can become very painful.  The treatment of a neuroma can range from the use of Orthotics, injections  to surgery.  The way that orthotics can help with this problem is they are used to spread the Metatarsal heads, and reduce the pinching of the nerve.  A metatarsal pad, which is a tear drop shape soft pad,  that is applied to the orthotic just behind the metatarsal head.  It applies soft pressure which will give the nerve area to reduce the pinching,  and allow the inflammation of the nerve to reduce.  Orthotics can be a very effective treatment for Morton’s Neuroma if used correctly and is more effective if used at the beginning of the problem.  If you are experiencing this problem you can give us a call on our toll free number ( 800-500-2909)  to discuss this.