Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common problems that we at Custom Orthotics fabricate orthotics for is, Plantar Fasciitis.  The hall mark symptom for Plantar Fasciitis is pain upon rising first thing in the morning.  After walking around for a few minutes the pain begins to subside.  If you sit down for a few minutes, when you stand again the pain returns.  This pain is usually located on the inside of the foot about one third of the way from the heel to the toes.  Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of a band of tissue known  as the plantar fascia.  This is a flat wide band of tissue which runs from the heel bone up through the arch to the ball of the foot.  Its function is to help support the arch, when the arch begins to collapse, more that it should, due to Pronation, or flatting out of the foot, this puts excessive pressure on this fibrous band.  It begins to pull in the area that the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone.  This band can begin to pull away from the heel bone, and an inflammatory response sets  up, and the pain begins.  If this continues the body will react to this as a small fracture, and begin to lay down calcium in an effort to repair the area.  As this process continues, a heel spur may form.  Normally the spur itself does not hurt, but the pull of the plantar fascia and the inflammation caused by this process  produce the pain.  Plantar Fasciitis can become  very  painful , and in some cases almost crippling.

Custom orthotics, in most cases can be a very effective treatment for this problem.  They work by balancing up the foot biomechanically and help decrease the Pronation, or flattening of the arch.  This is done by taking an impression of the feet, holding the foot in what is called neutral position.  This is where the joints all fit together best.  When the foot is in neutral position, it becomes more rigid, and the arch does not collapse.  When the foot excessively  pronates, the joints are no longer in this locked or rigid position.  As the arch collapses the plantar fascia is stretched, and the problem of plantar fasciitis can begin.

Custom Orthotics has been  fabricating orthotics for the treatment of plantar fasciitis for many  years.  Dr. Brent Bowden the owner of Custom Orthotics,  has been involved in the treatment and fabrication of orthotics to treat foot and leg problems for over twenty five years.