Quad Layer Orthotic

The Quad Layer Orthotic is fabricated using 4 different layers of material. It is a softer orthotic and much more flexible, designed primarily for Diabetic patients.
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Why do you need custom orthotics?
Custom shoe inserts are beneficial for everyone who uses these unique products. They provide great support to walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or tile with unsupportive shoes. This can lead to misalignment and stress on your feet, knees, and lower back. You can eliminate this discomfort with our custom made orthotics to bring your feet to a good position and allow you to get going with the activities you love to do.

Do custom orthotics help with Plantar fasciitis?
Our unique custom made orthotics come with profound benefits for people with plantar fasciitis. Our custom shoe inserts are made from collecting your foot impressions with molds and carefully making the custom orthotics to reduce the pain and stress on your heel and the arch. This way you can have proper body alignment and avoid overpronation.

How long does it take for your feet to get adjusted with custom orthotics?
Our custom shoe inserts are specially designed to give your feet instant support, so it takes no time for your feet to get adjusted with the new shoe inserts. In some cases, it might take 2-3 days but in most cases, the time taken for you fit to get adjusted with custom orthotics is negligible. However, if you feel any sort of discomfort with the custom shoe inserts, you can let us know and we will be happy to fix your issues.

Do custom orthotics help with Flat feet?
If you have flat feet or low arches, you are more likely to overpronate that might cause misalignment and discomfort to your feet. Our custom made shoe inserts or custom orthotics help you gain the realignment and walk confidently without any hassles.

Are custom orthotics FSA or HSA eligible?
The answer is YES. Our custom orthotics are eligible for full reimbursement with FSA (flexible spending account) and HAS (Health Savings account). And you do not require a prescription for reimbursement. Nevertheless, the list of eligible items are subject to change over time, so it is always necessary to check the specifics of your plan with your health care provider.

How to Order

  1. Order from the website or give us a call 800-500-2909
  2. Upon ordering, an impression kit will be mailed to you.
  3. Take your impressions following the video
  4. Return your impressions, using the pre-paid label
  5. In a couple of weeks receive your orthotics made from the molds of your feet.
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