Why our Orthotics are Better than a Prefab

Orthotics is a very broad term. It can range from an off the shelf device that is built to fit an average foot (if there is one) with a very minor problem. There are some prefab orthotics that do make a effort to fit the foot better, example Dr. Schools sold at Wal-Mart, But they come in about 15 sizes but again there are a lot more than 15 different sizes and type of feet. At Customorthotics.com each of our orthotics are made to fit the person’s feet. We do this by providing each person when they order an impression kit. This is a box with two slabs of foam that has been designed for taking impressions of feet. There is a video on our website which shows how to take the impression. It is not hard, messy, and only takes about one minute. This is the same procedure that is used when you go to a Podiatrist or Physical Therapist. The impressions are poured with a casting plaster, and we have an exact duplicate to fabricate your orthotics from. There are many different steps that done to finish a truly custom pair of orthotics. Are prices are low, because you are paying only the lab fee. The price that the Doctor would pay a lab to have them made. 

So why spend money on an orthotic that sort of fits your feet, when you can have a pair that are made just for you. 
Our prices start at $89.95, which is money well spent to help alleviate your foot problems. 
Give us a call today on our toll free number 800-500-2909 and we can answer your questions.